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FILE: DS-101A User Guide

FILE: DS-101A Compatibility V1.0

FILE: DS-321D User Guide

FILE: DS-421D User Guide

Cirrus Logic headsets use a 3.5mm audio jack known as a TRS (Tip, Ring and Sleeve) connector. This type of connector is used almost universally for portable equipment such as media / music players, portable CD and DVD players, radios etc. It is also common on multi-media mobile phones to allow users to plug in legacy headphones to listen to their music.

Whilst the 3.5mm audio connector is a standard, there are some differences in configuration that can cause compatibility issues between different devices. Typically these relate to the number of Rings (or poles) and what these poles are used for.

The most common TRS connector is found in most stereo MP3 players and other multi-media players. It is known as a 3.5mm 3 pole connector, and the 3 poles are used for ground, speaker left and speaker right.

Most mobile phones today allow you to plug in a headset so you can use the phone to make and take calls as well as listen to music. So these phones use a 4 pole connector (known as TRRS jacks as they have an additional ring) where the additional pole supports a Transmit path microphone. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use the poles on these connectors differently. For example, the tip may be used for ground by one manufacturer and for the Transmit path microphone by another manufacturer.

This can result in the headset that works perfectly in one brand of mobile phone not working in another - the playback audio can sound strange, with the vocals seemingly missing and the audio sounding tinny and strained.

For this reason, Cirrus Logic headsets ship with a 3.5mm 4 pole connector for Apple and others as standard, with an adapter that swaps the poles over for use with products from manufacturers such as Nokia or Samsung that adopt the different configuration.

The PDF Compatibility guide provides known compatibility information for the most popular mobile phones and MP3 players. These markets are very dynamic, with new products coming to market increasingly frequently, so it is possible that your particular phone model is not yet listed.